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Questions And Answers On Cystic Pimple Eyebrow

June 19th, 2012

Mike asks…

Cystic Pimple, should i keep squeezing it?

I have a cystic pimple in between my eyebrows, i tried to squeeze it but instead of Junk coming out, lymph fluid did. Then i accidentally scrapped the skin of the top with my nail. I can feel something deep in there, but it seems to be so deep that when i go to squeeze it little red blood dots come up, and lymph fluid? what should i do? I want it gone!


Unfortunately you are nine times out of ten just going to give yourself a bruise and a scab when you pick at them too much. In my experience, if you can get anything, anything at all to come out, AND manage to leave it alone for a full day. You will see a white head on it the next day and it will do something. Be sure your hands are clean. If you are really hard pressed to open it up, stop squeezing it and lance it. Sterilize a small needle, lance it and then squeeze it.

Mark asks…

Help!!!just found an under the skin pimple/cyst?

I just touched my forehead(in between my eyebrows) and felt a bump, i know its going to be a cystic pimple. I get them sometimes . My birthday is saturday! How do I get rid of this thing!??? please help!


Pop it

Wayne asks…

How to get rid of or drastically reduce the size of this pimple overnight?! I have spirit camp tomorrow!!?

I have a HUGE under the surface pimple right in between my eyebrows. Tomorrow I have spirit camp for cheerleading so I have to keep my hair out of my eyes, which means the pimple will be seen I need it gone, or atleast a lot smaller, because it's REALLY big (you know how that cystic acne can get) Please help me this is a big deal and I need to look nice!! PLUS it hurts too so I want to decrease the size so it hurts less AND DONT YOU DARE TELL ME TO POP IT cuz thats the dumbest thing to do lol k thanks!! :DDD


Well,I do have terrible acne and I found that my skin type is sensitive skin and it makes me harder to find the right products that I could use to reduce my acne.That is when I tried Clinique 3 Steps Skincare Regime and it really works for my acne and now I have less breakouts after 3 months usage and I only need to work on my scars from my previous acne to improve my skin complexion.Since Clinique 3 Steps works for all skin types,I would recommend you to try this product since it has the basics of skincare regime and work wonders on your skin.However,you could also try these homemade remedies if you want to improve your chance of healing.Good luck trying these at home(: Honey Paste-Another easy and effective homemade acne treatment is to make a paste of honey with cinnamon and nutmeg. All you need is about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and about half of it nutmeg powder. Add some honey to make enough paste to cover the inflammed area completely. Just lie down as honey may dribble down. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with luke warm water. Orange peel-Homemade Acne Treatment using Orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece of stone and apply to acne affected areas. Basil tea-Basil tea like neem is effective in killing bacteria. Drinking it twice a day can do wonders to the skin. Coconut Oil-Coconut oil is a cheap and easily available acne solution. Regular use of coconut oil over a period of time helps to clear your skin. Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results. Well,these are the remedies that work gentle on your skin while getting rid of acne.Hope this helps and great skin wishes(:

Davina asks…


I had a huge breakout today. I always wash my face with gentle soaps and water and moisturize and take vitamin E supplements. But lately, right before my period, I've been breaking out badly. And it's SO noticeable cause I've always had perfect skin! I have one huge cystic pimple on my chin, one between my eyebrows a bunch of little ones on my chin, a bunch of little raised bumps on my forehead, and one big one on my forehead. I'm going to a dermatologist tomorrow (ill probably get birth control for hormonal acne...) ***but as of today, what can I do to cover it up? I DONT have makeup, that's not an option either. And I live alone with my dad so there is NO makeup in the house. any home remedies to cover up the redness and maybe make the swelling go down just a bit? i have an hour 😛 oh, and my skin's too sensitive for toothpaste. it'll scar****** IM NOT ASKING HOW TO CURE IT. IM GOING TO A DERMATOLOGIST. IM ASKING HOW TO COVER IT UP TODAY WITHOUT MAKEUP?


I'm not an expert on this, but I do get really bad breakouts occasionally, try to use some ice to bring down the swelling and redness. I wish I knew more to help because I can totally relate! Next time your in the shops get some concealer and/or foundation, they're always good to have!

Graham asks…

Graduation emergency, please help? :(?

I'm graduating from elementary in 10 days. 10 DAYS. i just broke out yesterday, im not sure if its because im pmsing soon, or because of stress, theres a lot going on at this time of year, as you can probably guess. most of face is fine, the only place im worried about is my forehead. i have small puss filled pimples around my eyebrows and bigger, cystic-ish painful pimples at the top of my forehead. my acne was really clearing up and i was beginning to feel confident again, but then, bam, the next morning i woke up with a swelling forehead. TIPS TO REDUCE THIS, PREVENT, AND HEAL? SHOULD I GET ANTIBIOTIC PILLS? BTW: During class, and even now as i write this, my forehead throbs painfully, and i can sometimes even feel it towards my ears. How can i reduce this? i feel like i can freakin' feel the horemones gushing out of my face when it throbs. -.- its distracting also. Edit: im not 10, im 14, lmao. sorry if i confused you, my elementary is up to the eighth grade. Edit: im not 10, im 14, lmao. sorry if i confused you, my elementary is up to the eighth grade.


10 days gives you some time for your forehead to heal, so don't worry! I had the same condition as you did often around your age. Cheek areas were always fine, but the forehead was a mess. I tried all sorts of acne face washes, and they did not do any good. I do remember my forehead hurting, as if a lot of blood was racing to heal those zits, but it seemed like it was just making them bigger and redder =(. Thinking back, I think it was just my hormones sort of bouncing around, as sometimes I would cramp terribly during my period and sometimes it was ok. I'm guessing it's just awkward hormone surges for you as well. For me, they started leveling out in high school, since my period cramps no longer sucked terribly and my acne cleared up, though I did have to get topical medication for a year to help stop the acne. I'm 21 now and only get one minor zit now and then. If you're curious--after trying out so many different washes, toners, methods, and face masks, it turns out just plain water is best for my facial skin =P. If your acne was clearing up on its own for awhile, I would do whatever routine you usually do. I would just consider it a hormone issue, and there's not much you can do about that except birth control pills. If you recently switched to something new, that could be the problem. If you switch to something new now, it may work in the long run, but often new products will break out your skin even more as it adjusts within the first few days of use. If you still have acne during graduation, don't lose confidence. A LOT of people have acne at your age. I have friends my age that still struggle with acne, but honestly, I see past that really easily.

Mandy asks…

Bump under skin on face?

Under the skin above my eyebrow I have a bump that I can feel is a little swollen but isn't too raised and isn't really noticeable. What is noticeable is the redness and a red dot that looks like this:,r:1,s:13&tx=40&ty=111&biw=1024&bih=632. The pimple-like bump on top of the bump on face isn't as red as the picture. I tried popping it a couple of days ago, but absolutely nothing came out, so I'm not sure that it is a pimple. I did try using ice on top of the bump to reduce swelling, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Could this be cystic acne? I have mild to moderate acne, but I've never had cystic acne. Could this just be an odd pimple? Any ideas would be great. The bump isn't red at all. The bump is hardly noticeable and isn't in a nodule shape; it's not noticeable unless you feel the difference when you touch my other eyebrow and that eyebrow at the same time. I use Clean & Clear 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser. The bump isn't red at all. The bump is hardly noticeable and isn't in a nodule shape; it's not noticeable unless you feel the difference when you touch my other eyebrow and that eyebrow at the same time. I use Clean & Clear 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser.


I Think You should Try Buying Clean And Clear The Acne Control Kit It Works Really Great On All Pimples And IF Dat Dnt Work Go To a Dermatlogist Well Good luck ! (:

Joseph asks…

Should I see a dermatologist or is this just a normal breakout?

I used to have baaaad acne. I was put on topical retin a by my general doctor and my skin cleared. It remained very clear for 3/4 months. Last weekend I started breaking out. I did not change my regime at all. I was, however, under a lot of stress/not eating well. Its been a week and I have 4 pimples on my face. One on my forehead, two beside my eyebrow and a nasty one on my cheek. The forehead/eyebrow ones r drying up but I'm worried about the cheek pimple. Its gigantic and does not have a head. I believe it might be cystic. Should I see a derm or try to wait it out. I'm freaking out. My skin is a mess!


I would wait another week or two.If your break out hasn't subsided,visit the dermatologist. It could all be due to your stress levels(which can trigger breakouts) and unhealthy eating habits.

Richard asks…

Acne help?

I really hate my acne. I tend to get ugly whiteheads and I recently noticed I have large pores on my nose. I also get lots of deep red bumps, (cystic ance?). Most of my acne is above my upper lip, which is a really bad place. Every once and a while I'll get a pimple on my cheeks too. And I have light scars and usually a few small blemishes on my forehead or between my eyebrows. I just hate my acne and I don't know what to do anymore. Every once and a while I'll have no zits but that will only last a day and I'll break out again. I feel like I have tried so much. I've tried Murad, Clearasil, tons of drugstore products, Aveda, so many things and I feel like I'm out of options. I don't want to go out in public. The whiteheads and cystic things are so bad that even with makeup on top you still see the bump and it still looks red or white. I have fairly pale skin too, and it is very pinkish I used to feel pretty, but now I just feel gross. Does anyone know anything I could try? Thanks! Mmgirl, How am I supposed to not go out with whiteheads? I have them at least once a week. I have to go to school, and I need to go into town. I can't just hide away in my house because of whiteheads, that wasn't very helpful advice.


What ever you do, don't pop!!! Touching your face alone causes acne, especially if you touch your hair then your face. And popping a pimple ANYWHERE on the body, will make another one pop up somewhere else. Just by leaving them alone, you should be able to get rid of some. Have you gone to a dermatologist? When i was in high school i got tetracycline and that worked wonders! I absolutely loved it. I dont know if they still prescribe it out, but they do prescribe other stuff that may help. If your acne is really bad, try asking the doctor about acutane. Also, there is this product in walmart and drug stores called "natures cure". Thats what i use, its a pill that you take both morning and night and after a couple of weeks you really start to see a difference. It also comes with a benozide cream that but it dries out the skin. For under my makeup, i use terminator 10 by acnefree. It works and it doesnt dry out my skin. I also use neutrogena body wash only on my back and chest, and i use neutrogena deep clean for my face in the shower. I also use an astringent: biore triple action. I noticed that if i dont use it for a long time, i will break out, so i think that one really works. When you break out after clearing up, are you around the time you menstrate? Its natural to break out around then. If anything, try birth control if you havent already...with some it really helps. With me it didnt, it actually gave me that cystic acne and made me gain weight. Also, a lot of people have tried proactiv. My sister in law had bad acne for years and now she uses that and swears by it. Sorry this is so long. It also might depend on your makeup. Sometimes people are allergic. Try something natural. Physicians formula just came out with a bare minerals makeup powder that is all natural. I think your best bet though is to see a doctor. You could even just see a family physician. If you have any scars, best way to get rid of them is not touching. They also sell neutrogena acne scare fade peel. Or microdermabrasion kit. Remember to keep you skin clean (morning and right before you go to bed), dont touch your face, try minimizing the makeup or get makeup that you know wont clog your pores. Wash your pillow sheets once a week. At night, dab your acne with burt bee's blemish stick (tea tree oil). I hope this helps, i hate acne!

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  1. deanne says:

    I have a cyst on my left eyebrow and it will not heal. What do i do??

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